Barrie David


    Barrie David is an Associate Director in the UK Research team, focussing primarily on the Regional and Western Corridor office markets. Barrie joined JLL in 2014 and has co-authored a number of thought leadership pieces on the UK market, including ‘Arrested Development’, the causes and implications of reduced office development in the UK regional market and ‘Where Next’, part of the New Geography of office demand series. Barrie is involved with the annual Big 6 and Western Corridor seminars and with the publication of the biannual UK Office Market Outlook report and the annual Western Corridor report.

    Barrie graduated from the Kingston University with a BSc (Hons) degree in Economics and Geography. Barrie is a member of the Society of Property Researchers and the Society of Location Analysts.

    Blogs by Barrie David

    Thames Valley at the forefront of Battery Technology

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    The Thames Valley is at the heart of the developing battery technology sector in the UK. With the growth of electric vehicles, powering these new vehicles will require new and innovative battery technology. At the moment, the UK battery sector is small and dwarfed by the significant global producers of; China, Japan, South Korea and … Continued


    Where next for Western Corridor business parks?

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    From an investment perspective, 2017 was “Parkmania” in the Western Corridor, with the trading of a number of prime business park assets over the year accounting for almost 40% of investment volumes.  The deal that seemed to be the catalyst for ‘Parkmania’ was the purchase of Green Park in late 2016 for £563m, with Singapore … Continued