UK Case study:

Brockton Capital



Over a number of years, Brockton Capital assembled a c.1.2m sq ft, 10 asset, UK retail park portfolio, providing a balanced, diversified and high credit income stream, with durable long term returns and future growth potential. Having successfully achieved their ambition, it was appropriate to dispose of the portfolio and return the equity capital to their investors.


JLL’s unique access to global capital and investor insights enabled us to identify a diverse range of target buyers from across the globe. Also critical was our ability to bring together a connected internal team of out of town retail, capital markets, corporate finance and debt advisory. This allowed us to both educate prospective buyers on the potential value of the real estate but also to model and demonstrate their projected returns.

As Brockton Partner Tony Edgley, observed, this gave a “breadth and depth” that was critical in successfully delivering “a transaction of this size and relative complexity”. At £250m, this was 2017’s largest out of town retail sale and was the culmination of a six-year journey for JLL, having acquired, let and managed a number of the retail parks for Brockton.

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