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As capital allocations into commercial real estate assets grow to over US$1 trillion over the next decade, the transparency of real estate will be under increased scrutiny from international institutions, national governments, businesses and communities. These demands for greater transparency and more accurate, granular timely market data and performance measurement has helped drive significant global progress.
Now in its 17th year The Global Real Estate Transparency Index 2016 is an in-depth report into the trends driving transparency and which markets offer opportunities to tap into dynamic emerging markets that are undergoing major structural change.

The 2016 index has shown two-thirds of markets showing progress in transparency over the past two years through initiatives to deepen the availability and quality of market data and performance benchmarking.

Future improvements in real estate transparency driven by technology and competition will provide new opportunities. However, for investors looking to extend their footprints outside the primary markets, the need for rigorous due diligence is paramount to make the most of these opportunities and risks. The Index highlights for example the need for a selective approach to investment in emerging markets as progress in transparency develops at different rates as these markets evolve.

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